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Project Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Dataset Links and Repositories
Collaborative Research: Holocene and Late Pleistocene Stream Deposition in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica as a Proxy for Glacial Meltwater and Paleoclimate

2021-12-16 Swanger, Kate No dataset link provided
Assemblage-wide effects of ocean acidification and ocean warming on ecologically important macroalgal-associated crustaceans in Antarctica

2021-06-21 Amsler, Charles; McClintock, James No dataset link provided
Quantifying surface area in muds from the Antarctic Dry Valleys: Implications for weathering in glacial systems

2021-05-18 Soreghan, Gerilyn; Elwood Madden, Megan
Data and metadata for "Quantifying surface area in muds from the Antarctic Dry Valleys: Implications for weathering in glacial systems"
Collaborative Research: Millennial Scale Fluctuations of Dry Valleys Lakes: Implications for Regional Climate Variability and the Interhemispheric (a)Synchrony of Climate Change

2008-08-25 Berger, Glenn; Hall, Brenda; Doran, Peter No dataset link provided
Paleoclimate Inferred from Lake Sediment Cores in Taylor Valley, Antarctica

2007-02-05 Doran, Peter No dataset link provided
Collaborative Research: Relationship Between Subglacial Geology and Glacial Processes in West Antarctica: Petrological and Geochemical Analyses of Subglacial and Basal Sediments

2004-08-23 Grunow, Anne; Vogel, Stefan
Rock Magnetic Clast data are at this website
PI website
Beryllium in Antarctic Ultrahigh-Temperature Granulite-Facies Rocks and its Role in Partial Melting of the Lower Continental Crust

2004-08-09 Grew, Edward No dataset link provided