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Data and metadata for "Quantifying surface area in muds from the Antarctic Dry Valleys: Implications for weathering in glacial systems"
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Demirel-Floyd, C. (2022) "Data and metadata for "Quantifying surface area in muds from the Antarctic Dry Valleys: Implications for weathering in glacial systems"" U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) Data Center. doi:
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This data file contains locations and descriptions of the samples collected for the NSF project titled "Quantifying surface area in muds from the Antarctic Dry Valleys: Implications for weathering in glacial systems". Data collected includes BET surface area, LPSA grain size, granulometry, mineralogy (XRD) and whole rock geochemistry (ICP-MS).
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West: 162.322717, East: 163.539167, South: -77.74281, North: -77.417633
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