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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Particle composition measurements from along 170°W between 67-54°S

2020-04-09 Robinson, Rebecca; Brzezinski, Mark Collaborative Proposal: A Field and Laboratory Examination of the Diatom N and Si Isotope Proxies: Implications for Assessing the Southern Ocean Biological Pump
Amino acid nitrogen isotope values of penguins from the Antarctic Peninsula region 1930s to 2010s

2019-12-17 McMahon, Kelton; Polito, Michael Collaborative Research: Investigating Holocene Shifts in the Diets and Paleohistory of Antarctic Krill Predators
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope values of Antarctic Krill from the South Shetland Islands and the northern Antarctic Peninsula 2007 and 2009

2019-09-13 Polito, Michael Collaborative Research: Investigating Holocene Shifts in the Diets and Paleohistory of Antarctic Krill Predators
The South Pole Ice Core (SPICEcore) chronology and supporting data

2019-08-29 Winski, Dominic A.; Fudge, T. J.; Iverson, Nels A.; Dunbar, Nelia; Buizert, Christo; Bay, Ryan; Souney, Joseph Jr.; Sigl, Michael; Osterberg, Erich C.; McConnell, Joseph; Fegyveresi, John; Cole-Dai, Jihong; Thundercloud, Zayta; Cox, Thomas S.; Kreutz, Karl; Epifanio, Jenna; Ortman, Nikolas; Brook, Edward J.; Beaudette, Ross; Severinghaus, Jeffrey; Sowers, Todd A.; Steig, Eric J.; Morris, Valerie; Kahle, Emma; Ferris, David G.; Aydin, Murat; Nicewonger, Melinda R.; Casey, Kimberly A.; Alley, Richard; Waddington, Edwin D.; Jones, Tyler R. Collaborative Research: South Pole Ice Core Chronology and Climate Records using Chemical and Microparticle Measurements
Gas and Dust Measurements for Taylor Glacier and Taylor Dome Ice Cores

2019-08-12 Menking, James; Brook, Edward J.; Marcott, Shaun; Barker, Stephen; Shackleton, Sarah; Severinghaus, Jeffrey; Dyonisius, Michael; Petrenko, Vasilii; McConnell, Joseph; Rhodes, Rachel; Bauska, Thomas; Baggenstos, Daniel Collaborative Research: The Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, Horizontal Ice Core: Exploring changes in the Natural Methane Budget in a Warming World and Expanding the Paleo-archive
South Pole (SPICECORE) 15N, 18O, O2/N2 and Ar/N2

2019-02-02 Severinghaus, Jeffrey Collaborative Research: Inert Gas and Methane Based Climate Records throughout the South Pole Deep Ice Core
WAIS Divide sulfate and nitrate isotopes

2017-03-09 Alexander, Becky; Steig, Eric J. Collaborative Research: Multiple-isotope Analysis of Nitrate and Sulfate in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core