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Collaborative Research: Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Program
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The Antarctic Automatic Weather Station (AWS) network, first commenced in 1978, is the most extensive meteorological observing system on the Antarctic continent, approaching its 30th year at many of its key sites. Its prime focus as a long term observational record is vital to the measurement of the near surface climatology of the Antarctic atmosphere. AWS units measure air-temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction at a nominal surface height of 3m. Other parameters such as relative humidity and snow accumulation may also be taken. Observational data from the AWS are collected via the DCS Argos system aboard either NOAA or MetOp polar orbiting satellites and thus made available globally, in near real time via the GTS (Global Telecommunications System), to operational and synoptic weather forecasters. The surface observations from the AWS network also are often used to check on satellite and remote sensing observations, and the simulations of Global Climate Models (GCMs). Research instances of its use in this project include continued development of the climatology of the Antarctic atmosphere and surface wind studies of the Ross Ice Shelf. The AWS observations benefit the broader earth system science community, supporting research activities ranging from paleoclimate studies to penguin phenology.
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Lazzara, Matthew Investigator and contact
Cassano, John Investigator
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 0944018
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 0943952
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Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations ASCII exist
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