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Project Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Dataset Links and Repositories
LTER: MCM6 - The Roles of Legacy and Ecological Connectivity in a Polar Desert Ecosystem

2023-11-14 Gooseff, Michael N.; Adams, Byron; Barrett, John; Diaz, Melisa A.; Doran, Peter; Dugan, Hilary A.; Mackey, Tyler; Morgan-Kiss, Rachael; Salvatore, Mark; Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina; Zeglin, Lydia H.
EDI Data Portal: McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER
Environmental Data Initiative (EDI)
Collaborative Research: Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Program

2023-10-20 Lazzara, Matthew; Cassano, John
Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations
Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center
Collaborative Research: Snow Transport in Katabatic Winds and Implications for the Antarctic Surface Mass Balance: Observations, Theory, and Numerical Modeling

2023-09-08 Salesky, Scott; Giometto, Marco; Das, Indrani No dataset link provided
Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM)

2017-12-29 Sarmiento, Jorge; Rynearson, Tatiana
Biogeochemical profiling float data from the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observation and Modeling (SOCCOM) program.UCSD Research Data Collections DOI:10.6075/J09021PC
PI website
Expedition Data
Model output NOAA GFDL CM2_6 Cant Hant storage