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Pirrit Hills subglacial bedrock core RB-2, cosmogenic Be-10, Al-26 data
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Stone, J. (2019) "Pirrit Hills subglacial bedrock core RB-2, cosmogenic Be-10, Al-26 data" U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) Data Center. doi:
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This data set contains measurements of cosmic-ray-produced Be-10 and Al-26 in quartz from the RB-2 core, recovered from bedrock at a depth of 150 m below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet surface in the Pirrit Hills. The core site is located at latitude S81.09948, longitude W85.15694. Core length is approximately 8 meters. Lithology is A-type granite, similar in composition to bedrock exposed on nearby Harter Nunatak and other mountains in the Pirrit Hills (Lee et al. Geosci. J. 16, 421-433). Samples were processed at the University of Washington Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory. Chemical processing and purification methods are described at Beryllium isotope ratios were measured at the Lawrence Livermore Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (LLNL-CAMS) relative to the KNSTD-Be-01-5-4 standard, assuming a standard Be-10/Be-9 ratio of 2.851E-12 (07KNSTD normalization). Aluminum isotope ratios were measured at PRIME Lab, Purdue University, relative to the KNSTD-Al-01-5-2 standard, assuming a standard Al-26/Al-27 ratio of 1.818E-12 (KNSTD normalization). Uncertainties are 1-sigma and include full AMS errors and all known sources of laboratory uncertainty.
Stone, John
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West: -86.3, East: -85, South: -81.3, North: -81
  1. Spector, P., Stone, J., Pollard, D., Hillebrand, T., Lewis, C., & Gombiner, J. (2018). West Antarctic sites for subglacial drilling to test for past ice-sheet collapse. The Cryosphere, 12(8), 2741-2757. (doi:10.5194/tc-12-2741-2018)
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