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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Walcott Glacier Exposure Data

2022-10-21 Hall, Brenda Response of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to the last great global warming
South Pole ice Core 10Be CE

2022-03-11 Schaefer, Joerg Collaborative Research: A High-sensitivity Beryllium-10 Record from an Ice Core at South Pole
Simulations of 10Be over Antarctica

2021-02-03 Ding, Qinghua; Schaefer, Joerg; Steig, Eric J. Collaborative Research: A High-sensitivity Beryllium-10 Record from an Ice Core at South Pole
Meteoric 10Be data of soils from the Shackleton Glacier region

2021-01-03 Diaz, Melisa A. Collaborative Research: The Role of Glacial History on the Structure and Functioning of Ecological Communities in the Shackleton Glacier Region of the Transantarctic Mountains
Ohio Range Subglacial rock core cosmogenic nuclide data

2020-06-28 Mukhopadhyay, Sujoy Constraining Plio-Pleistocene West Antarctic Ice Sheet Behavior from the Ohio Range and Scott Glacier
Cosmogenic nuclide data from glacial deposits along the Liv Glacier coast

2019-11-21 Stone, John Collaborative Research: High-resolution Reconstruction of Holocene Deglaciation in the Southern Ross Embayment
Pirrit Hills subglacial bedrock core RB-2, cosmogenic Be-10, Al-26 data

2019-10-09 Stone, John EXPROBE-WAIS: Exposed Rock Beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, A Test for Interglacial Ice Sheet Collapse
Reedy Glacier Exposure Ages, Antarctica

2015-03-30 Stone, John Collaborative Research: Late Quaternary History of Reedy Glacier
Taylor Dome Ice Core Data

None 2003-08-18 Steig, Eric J.; White, James No project link provided