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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
U-series Geochronology, Isotope, and Elemental Geochemistry of a Subglacial Precipitate that Formed Across Termination III

2024-04-30 Piccione, Gavin Collaborative Research: Reconstructing East Antarctica’s Past Response to Climate using Subglacial Precipitates
Nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen isotopes in the shell of the Antarctic scallop Adamussium colbecki as a proxy for sea ice cover in Antarctica.

2024-02-05 Gillikin, David; Puhalski, Emma; Camarra, Steve; Cronin, Kelly; Verheyden, Anouk; Walker, Sally Collaborative research: The Antarctic Scallop as Key to Paleoenvironments and Sea Ice Conditions: Understanding the Modern to Predict the Past
Collaborative Research: Linking Modern Benthic Communities and Taphonomic Processes to the Stratigraphic Record of Antarctic Cores
Carbon and nitrogen isotope data along a gradient at the Antarctic Peninsula

2023-01-10 Iken, Katrin Collaborative Research: Sea ice as a driver of Antarctic benthic macroalgal community composition and nearshore trophic connectivity
Shackleton Glacier region water-soluble salt isotopes

2021-01-02 Diaz, Melisa A.; Lyons, W. Berry; Gardner, Christopher B. Collaborative Research: The Role of Glacial History on the Structure and Functioning of Ecological Communities in the Shackleton Glacier Region of the Transantarctic Mountains
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope values of Antarctic Krill from the South Shetland Islands and the northern Antarctic Peninsula 2007 and 2009

2019-09-13 Polito, Michael Collaborative Research: Investigating Holocene Shifts in the Diets and Paleohistory of Antarctic Krill Predators
Carbon dioxide concentration and its stable carbon isotope composition in Allan Hills ice cores

2019-08-14 Yan, Yuzhen; Bender, Michael; Brook, Edward J.; Higgins, John Collaborative Research: Window into the World with 40,000-year Glacial Cycles from Climate Records in Million Year-old Ice from the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area
Organic carbon isotope data from serially sampled Eocene driftwood from the La Meseta Fm., Seymour Island, Antarctica

2019-04-22 Judd, Emily Seasonality, Summer Cooling, and Calibrating the Approach of the Icehouse in Late Eocene Antarctica
Taylor Dome Ice Core Chemistry, Ion, and Isotope Data

2004-08-26 Smith, Jesse; Sowers, Todd A.; Brook, Edward J.; Mayewski, Paul A.; Steig, Eric J.; Indermuhle, A. Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Isotopes in the Taylor Dome and Vostok Ice Cores
Carbon-Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric CO2 since the Last Glacial Maximum

2002-01-01 Wahlen, Martin Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Isotopes in the Taylor Dome and Vostok Ice Cores