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Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Isotopes in the Taylor Dome and Vostok Ice Cores
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Taylor Dome Ice Core
This award is for support of a program to reconstruct the record of atmospheric carbon dioxide (and the carbon-13 isotopes of carbon dioxide) over several intervals, including the Last Glacial Maximum-Holocene transition, interstadial episodes, the mid-Holocene, the last 1000 years and the penultimate glacial period, using ice from the Taylor Dome and Vostok ice cores. The major objective of this study is to investigate the phase relationship between variations of the greenhouse gases occluded in the ice cores and temperature changes (indicated by oxygen and deuterium isotopes) during the last deglaciation. In addition, the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide over the past 1000 years and during the mid-Holocene will be determined in these cores.
Person Role
Steig, Eric J. Co-Investigator
Wahlen, Martin Investigator
Smith, Jesse Co-Investigator
Brook, Edward J. Co-Investigator
Indermuhle, A. Investigator
Mayewski, Paul A. Co-Investigator
Sowers, Todd A. Co-Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 9615292
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