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Ross Ice Drainage System (RIDS) Late Holocene Climate Variability
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Siple Dome Ice Core
9316564 Mayewski This award is for support for a three year program to provide a high resolution record of the Antarctic climate through the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of records of atmospheric chemical deposition taken from three ice cores located at sites within or immediately adjacent to the Ross Ice Drainage System (RIDS). These cores include one from Taylor Dome, and two from West Antarctic locations identified as potential deep drilling sites for the WAISCORES program. Collection of the two West Antarctic cores is intended to be a lightweight dry-drilling operation to depths of ~ 200 m, which will provide records of > 2 kyr. Glaciochemical analyses will focus on the major cations and anions found in the antarctic atmosphere, plus methanesulfonic acid and selected measurements of the hydrogen ion, aluminum, iron, and silica. These analyses, and companion stable isotope and particle measurements to be carried out by other investigators require < 7% by volume of each core, leaving > 90% for other investigators and storage at the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory. These records are intended to solve a variety of scientific objectives while also providing spatial sampling and reconnaissance for future U.S. efforts in West Antarctica. ***
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Kreutz, Karl Co-Investigator
Twickler, Mark Co-Investigator
Whitlow, Sallie Co-Investigator
Blunier, Thomas Investigator
Dunbar, Nelia Co-Investigator
Brook, Edward J. Co-Investigator
Mayewski, Paul A. Investigator
Meeker, Loren D. Co-Investigator
Severinghaus, Jeffrey P. Co-Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 9316564
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NCEI Siple Dome Ice Core Chemistry and Ion Data None exist
USAP-DC Ross Ice Drainage System (RIDS) Glaciochemical Analysis None exist

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