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Ice Modelling Study of Siple Dome: WAIS Ice Dynamics, WAISCORES Paleoclimate and Ice Stream/Ice Dome Interactions
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Siple Dome Ice Core
This award is for support for a three year program to investigate the response of ice domes, such as Siple Dome in West Antarctica, to changing boundary conditions, for example as arising from fluctuations in thickness or position of bounding ice streams. A range of models will be used, from simple one-dimensional analytical models to coupled dynamic-thermodynamic flow models, to investigate the response of the ice dome to boundary forcing, and the record that boundary forcing can leave in the ice core record. Using radar, temperature, and ice core data from the currently funded field programs on Siple Dome, and ice flux and thickness values from the map view model as boundary conditions, a flow line across Siple Dome will be studied and possible ranges of time scales, the likely origin of ice near the bed, and the basal temperature conditions that exist now and existed in the past will be determined.The response of internal stratigraphy patterns to climate and dynamic forcing effects will be investigated and observed internal layers from ice cores will be used to infer the forcing history.
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Nereson, Nadine A. Investigator
Waddington, Edwin D. Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 9420648
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