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Latitude and longitude data for project study sites

2020-06-04 Amsler, Charles Collaborative Research: Sea ice as a driver of Antarctic benthic macroalgal community composition and nearshore trophic connectivity
Cosmogenic nuclide data from glacial deposits along the Liv Glacier coast

2019-11-21 Stone, John Collaborative Research: High-resolution Reconstruction of Holocene Deglaciation in the Southern Ross Embayment
CTD stations and logs for Araon 2018 ANA08D expedition to Larson C

2019-04-29 Pan, B. Jack; Vernet, Maria RAPID: Collaborative Research: Marine Ecosystem Response to the Larsen C Ice-Shelf Breakout: "Time zero"
Log Sheets of coral samples for LMG1509

2019-03-07 Waller, Rhian Cold Corals in Hot Water - Investigating the Physiological Responses of Antarctic Coral Larvae to Climate change Stress
Atmospheric Mixing Ratios of Hydroperoxides above the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

2009-06-16 McConnell, Joseph; Bales, Roger; Frey, Markus Hydrogen Peroxide, Formaldehyde, and Sub-Annual Snow Accumulation in West Antarctica: Participation in West Antarctic Traverse
Cosmogenic nuclide data for bedrock samples from the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

None 2005-04-06 Stone, John No project link provided