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Cosmogenic nuclide data for bedrock samples from the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica
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Stone, J. (2005) "Cosmogenic nuclide data for bedrock samples from the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica" U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) Data Center. doi:
This data set consists of cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in samples from bedrock surfaces in the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica. These surfaces have been exposed by ice retreat since the last glacial maximum, approximately 10,500 years ago. However, the majority of samples contain nuclide concentrations indicating much longer and more complicated exposure histories. The primary data are concentrations of the cosmic-ray-produced nuclides Be-10 and Al-26 measured in quartz, and Cl-36 measured in K-feldspar, sample locations, and the duration of recent exposure inferred from measurements on co-existing glacial erratics. In addition, the data set contains detailed information about the sites and samples, chemical compositions of the minerals analyzed and compositions of the host rocks, as required to compute nuclide production rates. This information is provided so that the data can be re-interpreted if nuclide production rates or correction factors are revised in future.
Stone, John
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USAP-DC (current) - AMD-RESCUE (original)
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