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Multi-site ice core Krypton stable isotope ratios

2020-10-22 Buizert, Christo; Shackleton, Sarah; Severinghaus, Jeffrey P.; Brook, Edward J.; Baggenstos, Daniel; Bereiter, Bernhard; Etheridge, David; Bertler, Nancy; Pyne, Rebecca L.; Mulvaney, Robert; Mosley-Thompson, Ellen Collaborative research: Kr-86 as a proxy for barometric pressure variability and movement of the SH westerlies during the last deglaciation
South Pole high resolution ice core water stable isotope record for dD, d18O

2020-01-08 Steig, Eric J.; White, James; Morris, Valerie; Vaughn, Bruce; Kahle, Emma; Schauer, Andrew; Jones, Tyler R. Collaborative Research: Record of the Triple-oxygen Isotope and Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Ice from an Ice Core at South Pole
South Pole CH4 data for termination

2019-12-11 Sowers, Todd A. Collaborative Research: Inert Gas and Methane Based Climate Records throughout the South Pole Deep Ice Core
Last Interglacial Mean Ocean Temperature

2019-10-18 Shackleton, Sarah Collaborative Research: The Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, Horizontal Ice Core: Exploring changes in the Natural Methane Budget in a Warming World and Expanding the Paleo-archive
The South Pole Ice Core (SPICEcore) chronology and supporting data

2019-08-29 Winski, Dominic A.; Fudge, T. J.; Iverson, Nels A.; Dunbar, Nelia; Buizert, Christo; Bay, Ryan; Souney, Joseph Jr.; Sigl, Michael; Osterberg, Erich C.; McConnell, Joseph; Fegyveresi, John; Cole-Dai, Jihong; Thundercloud, Zayta; Cox, Thomas S.; Kreutz, Karl; Epifanio, Jenna; Ortman, Nikolas; Brook, Edward J.; Beaudette, Ross; Severinghaus, Jeffrey; Sowers, Todd A.; Steig, Eric J.; Morris, Valerie; Kahle, Emma; Ferris, David G.; Aydin, Murat; Nicewonger, Melinda R.; Casey, Kimberly A.; Alley, Richard; Waddington, Edwin D.; Jones, Tyler R. Collaborative Research: South Pole Ice Core Chronology and Climate Records using Chemical and Microparticle Measurements
South Pole (SPICECORE) 15N, 18O, O2/N2 and Ar/N2

2019-02-02 Severinghaus, Jeffrey Collaborative Research: Inert Gas and Methane Based Climate Records throughout the South Pole Deep Ice Core
Stable water isotope data for the AH-1502 ice core drilled at the Allan Hills Blue ice area

2018-10-17 Kurbatov, Andrei V.; Mayewski, Paul A.; Introne, Douglas; Yan, Yuzhen Collaborative Research: Window into the World with 40,000-year Glacial Cycles from Climate Records in Million Year-old Ice from the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area
US International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (US ITASE) Glaciochemical Data

2013-07-11 Dixon, Daniel A.; Mayewski, Paul A. Science Management for the United States Component of the International Trans-Antarctic Expedition
Ice Core Chemistry from the Norwegian-U.S. Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica, IPY 2007-2009

2012-08-08 McConnell, Joseph Collaborative Research: Norwegian-United States IPY Scientific Traverse: Climate Variability and Glaciology in East Antarctica
Dome C Ice Core Chemistry and Depth and Age Scale Data

None 2004-08-26 Lal, Devendra; Lorius, Claude Nuclear Studies of Accumulating and Ablation Ice Using Cosmogenic 14c
Vostok Ice Core Chemistry, Timescale, Isotope, and Temperature Data

None 2004-08-26 Chappellaz, Jérôme; Lal, Devendra; Barnola, J. M.; Petit, Jean Robert; Jouzel, Jean; Sowers, Todd A.; Brook, Edward J.; Bender, Michael; Fishcer, Hubertus; Blunier, Thomas; Ruddiman, William; Raymo, Maureen; Lorius, Claude No project link provided
Dronning Maud Land Ice Core Chemistry Data

None 2004-08-26 Mayewski, Paul A.; Whitlow, Sallie; Isaksson, Elisabeth No project link provided
Siple Dome Ice Core Chemistry and Ion Data

2004-08-26 Blunier, Thomas; Severinghaus, Jeffrey P.; Brook, Edward J.; Kreutz, Karl; Mayewski, Paul A.; Dunbar, Nelia Ross Ice Drainage System (RIDS) Late Holocene Climate Variability
Taylor Dome Ice Core Chemistry, Ion, and Isotope Data

2004-08-26 Smith, Jesse; Sowers, Todd A.; Brook, Edward J.; Mayewski, Paul A.; Steig, Eric J.; Indermuhle, A. Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Isotopes in the Taylor Dome and Vostok Ice Cores