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Magmatic Volatiles, Unraveling the Reservoirs and Processes of the Volcanism in the Antarctic Peninsula
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Antarctic Volcanism: Geochemical transect from the Phoenix ridge to the James Ross Island
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The focus of our research is to examine the regional geochemical variations of well-characterized Pliocene-recent basalt samples along a transect from the Phoenix-Antarctic ridge to James Ross Island (through the South Shetland Islands, Bransfield Strait and the Antarctic Peninsula). The goal is to understand 1) the processes responsible for the generation of chemically diverse basalts in close spatial and temporal proximity within the Antarctic Peninsula and 2) the nature (lithology, composition and temperature) of the heterogeneous mantle source beneath the region.
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Saal, Alberto Investigator and contact
Mallick, Soumen Researcher
Anderson, Danny Other
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1643494
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Alberto Saal, Danny Anderson field camp
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0 (raw data)
  1. Anderson, D. W., Saal, A. E., Mallick, S., Wang, J., Riley, T. R., Keller, R. A., & Haase, K. M. (2023). Source variations in volatile contents of Bransfield Strait back-arc and Phoenix/West Scotia mid-ocean ridge lavas, northern Antarctic Peninsula. Chemical Geology, 121839. (doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2023.121839)
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