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Passive Microwave Remote Sensing for Paleoclimate Indicators at Siple Dome, Antarctica
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This award is for support for a research program involving the use of passive microwave data to validate key paleoclimate indicators used in glaciologic research. The specific contributions of this research are: 1) to define the timing and spatial extent of hoar complexes, which may serve as visible, annual stratigraphic markers in ice cores, through a combination of satellite passive microwave data and field observations; and 2) to monitor temperature trends at the site with calibrated passive microwave brightness temperatures and to correlate these trends to proxy temperatures provided by oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope ratio profiles from snow pits and/or ice cores. The work will take place at Siple Dome, Antarctica as part of the field activities associated with the ice core drilling program there.
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Bindschadler, Robert Investigator
Shuman, Christopher A. Investigator
Stearns, Charles R. Co-Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 9526566
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