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Basal Conditions of Ice Stream D and Related Borehole Studies of Antarctic Ice Stream Mechanics
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This award is for support for a four year program to study the basal conditions of ice stream D using techniques previously applied to ice stream B. The objective is to determine whether the physical conditions and processes to be observed by borehole geophysics at the base of this large ice stream are consistent with what has been observed at ice stream B and to point to a common basal mechanism of ice streaming. This project includes a comparison between two parts of ice stream D, an upstream reach where flow velocities are modest (about 80 meters/year) and a downstream reach of high velocity (about 400 meters/year). The comparison will help to reveal what physical variable or combination of variables is mainly responsible for the streaming flow. The variables to be monitmred by borehole observation include basal water pressure, basal sliding velocity, flow properties and sedimentological characteristics of subglacial till if present, ice temperature profile including basal water transport velocity, connection time to the basal water system, basal melting rate and others.
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Kamb, Barclay Investigator
Engelhardt, Hermann Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 9615420
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