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Near-Surface Processes Affecting Gas Exchange: West Antarctic Ice Sheet
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Siple Dome Ice Core
This award supports a project to examine the physical processes that affect the manner in which heat, vapor and chemical species in air are incorporated into snow and polar firn. The processes include advection, diffusion, and the effects of solar radiation penetration into the snow. An understanding of these processes is important because they control the rate at which reactive and non-reactive chemical species in the atmosphere become incorporated into the snow, firn, and polar ice, and thus will affect interpretation of polar ice core data. Currently, the interpretation of polar ice core data assumes that diffusion controls the rate at which chemical species are incorporated into firn. This project will determine whether ventilation, or advection of the species by air movement in the firn, and radiation penetration processes have a significant effect. Field studies at the two West Antarctic ice sheet deep drilling sites will be conducted to determine the spatial and temporal extent for key parameters, and boundary conditions needed to model the advection, conduction, and radiation transmission/absorption processes. An existing multidimensional numerical model is being expanded to simulate the processes and to serve as the basis for ongoing and future work in transport and distribution of reactive chemical species.
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Albert, Mary R. Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 9526601
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