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Siple Dome Deep Ice Core Glaciochemistry and Regional Survey - A Contribution to the WAIS Initiative
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This award is for support for a program of glaciochemical analyses of shallow and deep ice cores from Siple Dome, West Antarctica. Measurements that have been proposed include chloride, nitrate, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, ammonium and methansulfonic acid. These measurements will provide information about past volcanic events, biomass source strength, sea ice fluctuations, atmospheric circulation, changes in ice-free areas and the environmental response to Earth orbit insolation changes and solar variability. The glaciochemical records from the Siple Dome core will be developed at a resolution sufficient to compare with the Summit, Greenland record, thus allowing a bipolar comparison of climate change event timing and magnitude. As part of this award, an international workshop will be held during the first year to formulate a science plan for the International Transantarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE), a program of regional surveys documenting the spatial distribution of properties measured in ice cores .
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Mayewski, Paul A. Investigator
Kreutz, Karl Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 9526449
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