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Dynamic fine-scale sea-icescape shapes adult emperor penguin foraging habitat in East Antarctica
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Labrousse, S., Barbraud, C., Bost, C., Fraser, A., Jenouvrier, S., Ji, R., et al. (2019) "Dynamic fine-scale sea-icescape shapes adult emperor penguin foraging habitat in East Antarctica" U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) Data Center. doi:
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The emperor penguin, an iconic species threatened by projected sea-ice loss in Antarctica, has long been considered to forage at the fast ice edge, presumably relying on large/yearly-persistent polynyas as their main foraging habitat during the breeding season. Using newly developed fine-scale sea-icescape data and historical penguin tracking data, this study for the first time suggests the importance of less-recognized small openings, including cracks, flaw leads and ephemeral short-term polynyas, as foraging habitats for emperor penguins. The tracking data retrieved from 47 emperor penguins in two different colonies in East Antarctica suggest that those penguins spent 23% of their time in ephemeral polynyas and did not use the large/yearly-persistent, well-studied polynyas, even they occur much more regularly with predictable locations. These findings challenge our previous understanding of emperor penguin breeding habitats, highlighting the need for incorporating fine-scale seascape features when assessing the population persistence in a rapidly changing polar environment.
Labrousse, Sara; Fraser, Alexander; Tamura, Takeshi; Pinaud, David; Wienecke, Barbara; Kirkwood, Roger; Ropert-Coudert, Yan; Resinger, Ryan; Jonsen, Ian; Porter-Smith, Rick; Barbraud, Christophe; Bost, Charles-André; Ji, Rubao; Jenouvrier, Stephanie; Sumner, Michael
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USAP-DC (current)
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West: 55, East: 155, South: -70, North: -62
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Start: 1993-05-01 - End: 1997-12-31
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