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Preparation of Vertebrate Fossils from the Triassic of Antarctica
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Sidor, C. (2015) "Preparation of Vertebrate Fossils from the Triassic of Antarctica" U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) Data Center. doi:
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The PI requests support for preparation of a large collection of vertebrate fossils recently recovered from the Central Transantarctic Mountains (CTAM) of Antarctica. These fossils will be used to place early Mesozoic Antarctic dinosaurs and other vertebrates into a global evolutionary, biogeographic, and faunal context; assess the degree of endemism in Triassic vertebrate faunas of Antarctica; constrain temporal relationships of the Triassic Antarctic vertebrate faunas; and refine the stratigraphic context for the Triassic Antarctic vertebrate assemblages to establish a paleoenvironmental framework. The lower and middle Triassic fossils offer a rare window on life in terrestrial environments at high-latitudes immediately after the Permian mass extinction. The PI will use their fossils to educate the public about the geologic, climatic, and biologic history of Antarctica by visiting local schools. They will create and publish at least two new videos to the Burke Museum blog that relate the graduate student's experience of fieldwork in Antarctica. They will also update the Antarctica section on the UWBM 'Explore Your World' website with images and findings from their field season.
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USAP-DC (current) - LDEO-LEGACY (original)
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West: 162.41, East: 172.4, South: -85.1, North: -84.27
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Start: 2011-08-15 - End: 2015-07-31
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