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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Radiometric dating, geochemical proxies, and predator biological remains obtained from aquatic sediment cores on South Georgia Island.

2022-01-13 Kristan, Allyson; Maiti, Kanchan; McMahon, Kelton; Polito, Michael Collaborative Research: Investigating Holocene Shifts in the Diets and Paleohistory of Antarctic Krill Predators
Quantitative Diatom Assemblage Data from Iceberg Alley, Mac. Robertson Shelf, East Antarctica acquired during expedition NBP0101

2020-05-01 Leventer, Amy Quaternary Glacial History and Paleoenvironments of the East Antarctic Margin
Sediment macrofaunal abundance and family richness from inner Andvord Bay to the open continental shelf

2019-12-31 Smith, Craig Collaborative Research: Fjord Ecosystem Structure and Function on the West Antarctic Peninsula - Hotspots of Productivity and Biodiversity? (FjordEco)
Easten Antarctic Peninsula Surface Sediment Diatom Data

2019-09-16 Leventer, Amy Collaborative Research in IPY: Abrupt Environmental Change in the Larsen Ice Shelf System, a Multidisciplinary Approach -- Cryosphere and Oceans
Palynological samples

2019-02-01 Warny, Sophie CAREER: Deciphering Antarctic Climate Variability during the Temperate/Polar Transition and Improving Climate Change Literacy in Louisiana through a Companion Outreach Program
Cuticle morphology and oxygen gradients of Antarctic sea spiders

2018-12-22 Woods, H. Arthur; Arthur Woods, H. Collaborative Research: Body Size, Oxygen, and Vulnerability to Climate Change in Antarctic Pycnogonida
Scanning electron micrographs: Influence of heavy metal (Pb, Cd) exposure on shell morphogenesis in Astrammina rara, a giant agglutinated Antarctic foraminiferan protist.

2018-11-28 Bowser, Samuel; Andreas, Amanda Assembling and Mining the Genomes of Giant Antarctic Foraminifera
Microstructural Location and Composition of Impurities in Polar Ice Cores

2010-02-15 Baker, Ian; Obbard, Rachel The Physical Properties of the US ITASE Firn and Ice Cores from South Pole to Taylor Dome
Micrometeorites from the South Pole Water Well

2002-01-01 Taylor, Susan Retrieval and Analysis of Extraterrestrial Particles from the Water Well at the South Pole Station, Antarctica