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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Ice-penetrating radar internal stratigraphy over Dome C and the wider East Antarctic Plateau

2020-12-18 Cavitte, Marie G. P; Young, Duncan A.; Mulvaney, Robert; Ritz, Catherine; Greenbaum, Jamin; Ng, Gregory; Kempf, Scott D.; Quartini, Enrica; Muldoon, Gail R.; Paden, John; Frezzotti, Massimo; Roberts, Jason; Tozer, Carly; Schroeder, Dustin; Blankenship, Donald D.; Nitsche, Frank O. IPY Research: Investigating the Cryospheric Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate (ICECAP)
Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS)
Collaborative Research: Southern Plateau Ice-sheet Characterization and Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate (SPICECAP)
7MHz radar in the vicinity of South Pole

2020-08-20 Waddington, Edwin D.; Conway, Howard; Koutnik, Michelle; Fudge, T. J.; Lilien, David; Stevens, Max Collaborative Research: Characterization of Upstream Ice and Firn Dynamics affecting the South Pole Ice Core
Geophysical data from Crary Ice Rise, Ross Sea Embayment

2019-05-20 Conway, Howard; Koutnik, Michelle; Winberry, Paul; Paden, John Collaborative Research: Grounding Line Dynamics: Crary Ice Rise Revisited
Roosevelt Island: Radar and GPS

2017-11-16 Conway, Howard Collaborative Research: Deglaciation of the Ross Sea Embayment - constraints from Roosevelt Island
Radar Studies of Internal Stratigraphy and Bed Topography along the US ITASE-II Traverse

2010-10-20 Jacobel, Robert Collaborative Research: Is Ice Stream C Restarting? Glaciological Investigations of the 'Bulge' and the Trunk of Ice Stream C, West Antartica
Radar Investigations of Antarctic Ice Stream Margins, Siple Dome, 1998

2007-07-06 Nereson, Nadine A.; Raymond, Charles Internal Stratigraphy and Basal Conditions at the Margins ofActive Ice Streams of the Siple Coast, Antarctica
Ice Thickness and Internal Layer Depth Along the 2001 and 2002 US ITASE Traverses

2005-04-08 Jacobel, Robert Radar Studies of Internal Stratigraphy and Bedrock Topography along the US ITASE Traverse