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Collaborative Research: Biogeography, Population Genetics, and Ecology of two Common Species of Fleshy Red Algae in McMurdo Sound
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Ecology of Red Algae in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
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Collaborative Research: Biogeography, population genetics, and ecology of two common species of fleshy red algae in McMurdo Sound Climate change is predicted to increase the period of fast ice-free conditions in polar habitats. As early colonizers, macroalgae may take advantage of increased light availability to outcompete invertebrates (e.g., sponges, bryozoans, tunicates, and polychaetes) for space in shallow subtidal hardbottom habitats. The project will compare patterns in vegetative and reproductive characteristics of two macroalgal species Phyllophora antarctica and Iridaea cordata collected from the 1980s to present-day. Populations will be collected from coastal and offshore sites in shallow (3–4 m) and greater (approx.12 m) depths at Cape Royds, Cape Evans, Little Razorback Islands, Turtle Rock, Arrival Heights, Granite Harbor, and Dellbridge Seamount. Genetic diversity of the two algal species will be measured and is expected to be relatively low due to limited dispersal in McMurdo Sound. No previous research has investigated the potential effects of climate, in particular reductions in annual sea ice cover and resulting increase in light intensity and duration, on macroalgal communities in McMurdo Sound. For the first time, photogrammetry will be used to collect community-level data on the newly discovered offshore Dellbridge Seamount and 3D visualization from the video footage will be shared with web-based interactive applications to engage and educate the public in subtidal polar ecology and the importance of Antarctic science to their lives.
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Heine, John Investigator and contact
Goldberg, Nisse Co-Investigator
Alberto, Filipe Co-Investigator
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Award # 2037670
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Award # 2037598
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