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West Antarctic Ice Shelf- Ocean Interactions
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West Antarctic Ice Shelf- Ocean Interactions
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This project extended and combined historical and recent ocean data sets to investigate ice-ocean-interactions along the Pacific continental margin of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The synthesis focused on the strikingly different environments on and near the cold Ross Sea and warm Amundsen Sea continental shelves, where available measurements reach back to 1911 and 1994, respectively. On the more extensively covered Ross Sea continental shelf, multiple reoccupations of ocean stations and transects since the 1950s were used to extend our knowledge of ocean thermohaline change and variability. The more rugged Amundsen Sea continental shelf contains the earth's fastest melting ice shelves, which Holland et al (2019) show can be linked to decadal-scale variability in the tropical Pacific, and Jacobs et al. (2021) document as being the primary influence on freshening downstream in the Ross Sea. Recent and potential future rates of sea level rise are the primary broad-scale impacts revealed by the observations of ice and ocean changes in these study areas. More regionally, freshening also influences the properties of slope front and coastal currents, and abyssal water mass formation. The overriding question in such work is whether their contributions to global and regional sea levels will continue to increase ~linearly, perhaps allowing greenhouse gas reductions to head off the worst consequences, or accelerate and contribute to major social and economic upheavals. The compiled ocean station profile data has been derived from measurements made from 16 ships operated by 6 countries, from 5 projects using holes through fast and glacier ice, and from 3 studies using drifting floats. We are grateful to the many individuals who have acquired, processed and provided the data, along with their supporting agencies, and welcome corrections and updates to this archive.
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Jacobs, Stanley Investigator and contact
Giulivi, Claudia Researcher
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 1644159
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1 (processed data)
  1. Selley, H. L., Hogg, A. E., Cornford, S., Dutrieux, P., Shepherd, A., Wuite, J., Floricioiu, D., Kusk, A., Nagler, T., Gilbert, L., Slater, T., & Kim, T.-W. (2021). Widespread increase in dynamic imbalance in the Getz region of Antarctica from 1994 to 2018. Nature Communications, 12(1). (doi:10.1038/s41467-021-21321-1)
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