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Collaborative Research: POLENET-Antarctica: Investigating Links Between Geodynamics and Ice Sheets - Phase 2
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Intellectual Merit: The PIs continued and expanded GPS and seismic measurements for ANET-POLENET to advance understanding of geodynamic processes and their influence on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. ANET-POLENET science themes include: 1) determining ice mass change since the last glacial maximum, including modern ice mass balance; 2) solid earth influence on ice sheet dynamics; and 3) tectonic evolution of West Antarctica and feedbacks with ice sheet evolution. Nine new remote continuous GPS stations augmented ANET-POLENET instrumentation deployed during Phase 1. Siting was designed to better constrain uplift centers predicted by GIA models and indicated by Phase 1 results. A mini-array of temporary seismic sites was deployed to improve resolution of earth structure below West Antarctica. ANET-POLENET Phase 2 achievements included 1) seismic images of crust and mantle structure that resolve the highly heterogeneous thermal and viscosity structure of the Antarctic lithosphere and underlying mantle; 2) improved estimates of intraplate vertical and horizontal bedrock crustal motions; and 3) elucidation of controls on glacial isostatic adjustment-induced crustal motions due to laterally varying earth structure. Broader impacts: Monitoring and understanding mass change and dynamic behavior of the Antarctic ice sheet using in situ GPS and seismological studies has improved understanding of how Antarctic ice sheets respond to a warming world and how this response impacts sea-level and other global changes. Seismic and geodetic data collected by the ANET-POLENET network are openly available to the scientific community. ANET-POLENET has been integral in the development and realization of technological and logistical innovations for year-round operation of instrumentation at remote polar sites, helping to advance scientifically and geographically broad studies of the polar regions. The ANET-POLENET carried out a training initiative to mentor young polar scientists in complex, multidisciplinary and internationally collaborative research, including 2 week-long training schools on "Glacial Isostatic Adjustment" and "Glacial Seismology". ANET-POLENET continued broad public outreach about polar science through the website, university lectures, and K-12 school visits. This research involved multiple international partners.
Person Role
Wilson, Terry Investigator and contact
Dalziel, Ian W. Investigator
Bevis, Michael Co-Investigator
Aster, Richard Investigator
Huerta, Audrey D. Investigator
Winberry, Paul Co-Investigator
Anandakrishnan, Sridhar Co-Investigator
Nyblade, Andrew Investigator
Wiens, Douglas Investigator
Smalley, Robert Investigator
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1249631
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1419268
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1249513
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1246666
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1246776
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1246712
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1247518
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Richard Aster field camp
Data Management Plan
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UNAVCO Network/Campaign: Antarctica POLENET - ANET exists
IRIS POLENET - Network YT exists
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