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Resolving CO2 System Seasonality in the West Antarctic Peninsula with Autonomous Observations
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Interest in the reduced alkalinity of high latitude waters under conditions of enhanced CO2 uptake from the atmosphere have been the impetus of numerous recent studies of bio-stressors in the polar marine environment. The project seeks to improve our understanding of the variance of coastal Southern Ocean carbonate species (CO2 system), its diurnal and inter-annual variability, by acquiring autonomous, high frequency observations from an Antarctic coastal mooring(s).

A moored observing system co-located within the existing Palmer LTER array will measure pH, CO2 partial pressure, temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen with 3-hour frequency in this region of the West Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf. Such observations will help estimate the dominant physical and biological controls on the seasonal variations in the CO2 system in coastal Antarctic waters, including the sign, seasonality and the flux of the net annual air-sea exchange of carbon dioxide. The Palmer LTER site is experiencing rapid ecological change in the West Antarctic Peninsula, a region that is warming at rates faster than any other region of coastal Antarctica.
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Shadwick, Elizabeth Investigator
Shadwick, Elizabeth Investigator
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 1543380
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LMG1704 ship expedition
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  1. Yang, B., Shadwick, E. H., Schultz, C., & Doney, S. C. (2021). Annual Mixed Layer Carbon Budget for the West Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf: Insights From Year‐Round Mooring Measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126(4). (doi:10.1029/2020jc016920)

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