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Remotely-sensed iceberg geometries and meltwater fluxes
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Enderlin, E., Aberle, R., Dickson, A., Dryak, M., Miller, E., & Oliver, C. (2022) "Remotely-sensed iceberg geometries and meltwater fluxes" U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) Data Center. doi:
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This dataset includes manually-extracted iceberg geometries and meltwater fluxes from 2011-2022 WorldView digital elevation model time series for 15 study sites around Antarctica. Each file contains the coordinates, median surface elevation, density, volume, surface area, draft, and submerged area estimated for an iceberg on two different observation dates (specified in the file name). The submarine meltwater flux for each iceberg, calculated as the volume change over time corrected for surface mass balance processes and creep thinning between observation dates, is provided for each iceberg. Dates listed in file names are in YYYYMMDDhhmmss format. Site abbreviations in file names are as follows: BG = Blanchard Glacier, CG = Cadman Glacier, FG = Ferrigno Glacier, FI = Filchner Ice Shelf, HG = Heim Glacier, LA = Edgeworth Glacier (Larsen A tributary), LB = Cadman Glacier (Larsen B tributary), LG = Leonardo Glacier, MI = Mertz Ice Tongue, PT = Polar Times, RI = Ronne Ice Shelf, SG = Seller Glacier, TG = Thwaites Glacier, TI = Totten Ice Shelf, and WG = Widdowson Glacier.
Enderlin, Ellyn; Dickson, Adam; Miller, Emily; Dryak, Mariama; Oliver, Caitlin; Aberle, Rainey
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USAP-DC (current)
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West: -180, East: 180, South: -90, North: -60
  1. Dryak MC, Enderlin EM (2020). Analysis of Antarctic Peninsula glacier frontal ablation rates with respect to iceberg melt-inferred variability in ocean conditions. Journal of Glaciology 66(257), 457–470. (doi:10.1017/jog.2020.21)
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