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Antarctic MIZ, Pack Ice and Polynya Maps from Passive Microwave Satellite Data
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Stroeve, J. (2018) "Antarctic MIZ, Pack Ice and Polynya Maps from Passive Microwave Satellite Data" U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) Data Center. doi:
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Sea ice variability within the marginal ice zone (MIZ) and polynyas plays an important role for phytoplankton productivity and krill abundance. Therefore, mapping their spatial extent, seasonal and interannual variability is essential for understanding how current and future changes in these biologically active regions may impact the Antarctic marine ecosystem. Knowledge of the distribution of MIZ, consolidated pack ice and coastal polynyas to the total Antarctic sea ice cover may also help to shed light on the factors contributing towards recent expansion of the Antarctic ice cover in some regions and contraction in others. The long-term passive microwave 21 satellite data record provides the longest and most consistent record for assessing the proportion of the sea ice cover that is covered by each of these ice categories. This data set provides estimates of the MIZ, consolidated pack ice and polynyas from the NASA Team and Bootstrap sea ice concentration data sets, from 1979 to 2017.
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USAP-DC (current)
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West: -180, East: 180, South: -90, North: -60
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Start: 1979-01-01 - End: 2017-12-31
  1. Strove, J.C., Jenouvrier, S., Cambell, G.G., Barbraud, C. Delord, K. (2016). Mapping and assessing variability in the Antarctic marginal ice zone, pack ice and coastal polynyas in two sea ice algorithms with implications on breeding success of snow petrels. The Cryosphere, 10, 1823-1843. (doi:10.5194/tc-10-1823-2016)
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