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Project Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Dataset Links and Repositories
Collaborative Research: Climate, Changing Abundance and Species Interactions of Marine Birds and Mammals at South Georgia in Winter

2022-10-06 Veit, Richard; Manne, Lisa; Santora, Jarrod No dataset link provided
Move, Adapt, or Change: Examining the Adaptive Capacity of a Southern Ocean Apex Predator, the Leopard Seal

2022-09-12 Kienle, Sarah; Trumble, Stephen J; Bonin, Carolina No dataset link provided
Collaborative Research: The Drivers and Role of Immigration in the Dynamics of the Largest Population of Weddell Seals in Antarctica under Changing Conditions

2022-08-07 Rotella, Jay; Chen, Nancy No dataset link provided
OPP-PRF Pygoscelis Penguin Response to Potential Prey Retention along the West Antarctic Peninsula

2022-07-19 Gallagher, Katherine No dataset link provided
Collaborative Research: Linking Predator Behavior and Resource Distributions: Penguin-directed Exploration of an Ecological Hotspot

2022-07-18 Moline, Mark; Benoit-Bird, Kelly; Cimino, Megan No dataset link provided
NSFGEO-NERC: Integrating Individual Personality Differences in the Evolutionary Ecology of a Seabird in the Rapidly Changing Polar Environment

2021-12-08 Jenouvrier, Stephanie; Patrick, Samantha No dataset link provided
EAGER: Collaborative Research: Acoustic Ecology of Foraging Antarctic Blue Whales in the Vicinity of Antarctic Krill

2021-07-13 Sirovic, Ana; Stafford, Kathleen
Passive acoustic recording metadata from East Antarctica, Feb 2019