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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
High-resolution nearshore benthic seawater temperature from around McMurdo Sound, Antarctica (2017-2019)

2021-01-03 Cziko, Paul Habitat Severity and Internal Ice in Antarctic Notothenioid Fishes
Processed Fluid Chemistry Data from the Ross Sea acquired during the Nathaniel B. Palmer expedition NBP0601A

2020-06-25 Asper, Vernon; Smith, Walker Interannual Variability in the Antarctic-Ross Sea (IVARS): Nutrients and Seasonal Production
Algal pigment concentrations from the Ross Sea

2019-08-27 Ditullio, Giacomo Collaborative Research: Cobalamin and Iron Co-Limitation Of Phytoplankton Species in Terra Nova Bay
Nearshore pH, temperature, (salinity, depth) at mooring sites in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, Overwinter 2011-2016

2018-12-05 Hoshijima, Umihiko; Hofmann, Gretchen; Kapsenberg, Lydia Ocean Acidification Seascape: Linking Natural Variability and Anthropogenic changes in pH and Temperature to Performance in Calcifying Antarctic Marine Invertebrates