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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
PIPERS Noble Gases

2022-09-15 Loose, Brice Collaborative Research: Seasonal Sea Ice Production in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Measuring Dissolved Gases to Reveal the Processes that Drive the Solubility Pump and Determine Gas Concentration in Antarctic Bottom Water
Law Dome DE08-OH site noble gases in ice: testing the 86Krexcess proxy

2022-08-16 Severinghaus, Jeffrey P. Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Carbon-14 of Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide from Law Dome, Antarctica to Constrain Long-Term Hydroxyl Radical Variability
Mercer Subglacial Lake (SLM) noble gas and isotopic data

2021-12-23 Gardner, Christopher B.; Lyons, W. Berry Collaborative Research: Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access (SALSA): Integrated Study of Carbon Cycling in Hydrologically-active Subglacial Environments
Elemental and isotopic composition of heavy noble gases in Allan Hills ice cores

2019-08-14 Yan, Yuzhen; Bender, Michael; Higgins, John; Ng, Jessica; Severinghaus, Jeffrey P. Collaborative Research: Window into the World with 40,000-year Glacial Cycles from Climate Records in Million Year-old Ice from the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area
Taylor Glacier Noble Gases - Younger Dryas

2019-04-23 Shackleton, Sarah Collaborative Research: The Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, Horizontal Ice Core: Exploring changes in the Natural Methane Budget in a Warming World and Expanding the Paleo-archive
Developing a New Paleoclimate Proxy for Polar and Alpine Glacial Regions Based on Noble Gases
2017-01-30 Castro, M. Clara Developing a New Paleoclimate Proxy for Polar and Alpine Glacial Regions Based on Noble Gases