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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
EPICA Dome C Sulfate Data 7-3190m

2023-12-22 Fudge, T. J.; Severi, Mirko Collaborative Research: The Impact of Impurities and Stress State on Polycrystalline Ice Deformation
Compilation of ice temperature measurements at 10 m depth from international traverses 1957-1996.

None 2020-05-20 Scambos, Ted No project link provided
PIPERS Meteorology Time Series

2019-06-12 Guest, Peter Collaborative Research: Seasonal Sea Ice Production in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Ice Temperature in Shallow Boreholes Near Blood Falls at the Terminus of Taylor Glacier, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
2018-11-28 Tulaczyk, Slawek Collaborative Research: MIDGE: Minimally Invasive Direct Glacial Exploration of Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Glaciology of Blood Falls, McMurdo Dry Valleys
Englacial Layers and Attenuation Rates across the Ross and Amundsen Sea Ice-Flow Divide (WAIS Divide), West Antarctica

2010-06-15 Raymond, Charles; Matsuoka, Kenichi Glaciological Characteristics of the Ross/Amundsen Sea Ice-flow Divide Deduced by a New Analysis of Ice-penetrating Radar Data