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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Firn density and compaction rates 50km upstream of South Pole

2023-04-18 Stevens, Christopher Max; Lilien, David; Conway, Howard; Waddington, Edwin D.; Koutnik, Michelle; Fudge, T. J. Collaborative Research: Characterization of Upstream Ice and Firn Dynamics affecting the South Pole Ice Core
Law Dome DE08-OH firn air 15N, O2/N2, Ar/N2, 18O of O2

2022-08-16 Severinghaus, Jeffrey P. Collaborative Research: Reconstructing Carbon-14 of Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide from Law Dome, Antarctica to Constrain Long-Term Hydroxyl Radical Variability
ApRES Firn Density Study

2020-05-15 Pettit, Erin Collaborative Research: VeLveT Ice - eVoLution of Fabric and Texture in Ice at WAIS Divide, West Antarctica