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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Processed Current Measurement, Pressure and Temperature Data from the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge Spreading acquired during R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer expedition NBP1508 (2015)

2020-07-02 Thurnherr, Andreas Collaborative Research: Flow, Turbulence and Mixing in Mid-Ocean Ridge Fracture Zone Canyons
Current Meter Data from the Ross Sea acquired with a Mooring deployed in December 2005 and recovered during the Nathaniel B. Palmer expedition NBP0601A (2006)

2020-06-25 Asper, Vernon; Smith, Walker Interannual Variability in the Antarctic-Ross Sea (IVARS): Nutrients and Seasonal Production
AU1402 mooring data

2018-12-24 Orsi, Alejandro Collaborative Research: Totten Glacier System and the Marine Record of Cryosphere - Ocean Dynamics