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Dataset Title/Abstract/Map NSF Award(s) Date Created PIs / Scientists Project Links
Timelapse photography of Don Juan Pond and surrounding basin

2021-11-15 Sletten, Ronald S.; Mushkin, Amit; Toner, Jonathan Formation and Characteristics of Brine-rich Water in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica
MOA-derived Structural Feature Map of the Ross Ice Shelf

2021-02-19 Hulbe, Christina; Ledoux, Christine; Forbes, Martin Collaborative Research: Using Fracture Patterns and Ice Thickness to Study the History and Dynamics of Grounding Line Migration and Shutdown of Kamb and Whillans Ice Streams
Paleogene marine and terrestrial development of the West Antarctic Rift System: Biomarker Data Set

2019-12-19 Coenen, Jason; Castañeda, Isla; Warny, Sophie; Baudoin, Patrick; Scherer, Reed Paul; Askin, Rosemary Collaborative Research: Integrative Study of Marine Ice Sheet Stability & Subglacial Life Habitats in W Antarctica - Lake & Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling (LISSARD)
Physiological, biomechanical, and locomotory data on Antarctic sea spiders fouled and unfouled with epibionts

2019-01-06 Lane, Steven J.; Tobalske, Bret; Moran, Amy; Shishido, Caitlin; Woods, H. Arthur Collaborative Research: Body Size, Oxygen, and Vulnerability to Climate Change in Antarctic Pycnogonida