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CAREER: Experimentally Testing the Role of Sympagic Algae in Sea-ice Environments using a Laboratory Scale Ice-tank.
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The aims of this CAREER proposal are to gain a greater understanding of the role of sympagic algae in Antarctic marine ecosystems with the goal to better parameterize their role in biogeochemical and ecosystem processes across dynamic environments. Specifically, this proposal will apply a laboratory-scale, ice-tank system that recreates the seasonal cycle of sea ice in the laboratory for the purpose of studying sympagic microbes to study the following questions: 1.1 Starting with a late autumn, mixed phytoplankton community, how do different algal species specialize to sea ice, seawater and flooded snow/ice habitats over winter? 1.2 What are the relationships between different methods of measuring primary production (fluorescence, O2 production, CO2 drawdown) in sea ice? Does this differ from seawater? 1.3 Does the presence of sea-ice algae influence the physical structure of sea ice? 1.4 How does the release of compatible solutes from algae during ice melt influence the dissolved organic pool? In addition, I propose to integrate educational activities with my research goals. This includes development of an educational program at the university and K-12 level on Antarctic Sciences that develops critical thinking and quantitative skills, encourages STEM participation from underrepresented groups and establishes an interactive network of Antarctic researchers to broaden research opportunities.
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Young, Jodi Investigator and contact
Eastburn, Dominic Researcher
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 2142491
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Award # 2142491
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