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Future Directions for Southern Ocean and Antarctic Nearshore and Coastal Research
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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will convene an ad hoc consensus committee that will provide guidance to the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs on future directions for Southern Ocean and Antarctic nearshore and coastal research. The study will:
• Identify the highest-priority science drivers for Southern Ocean and Antarctic nearshore and coastal research, based on prior studies and reports. Consider both near- and long-term science priorities.
• Determine the capabilities that are essential to support these science drivers. In a resource-constrained environment, what are the potential tradeoffs among highly specialized and general capabilities? Or among costly vs less expensive capabilities?
• Consider the capabilities needed for a proposed Antarctic Research Vessel, but also other U.S. fleet capabilities and potential partnerships with other countries and their fleets.
• Assess current and emerging tools, technologies, and approaches (e.g., under ice ROVs and AUVs, drones, ship-capable drilling platforms, partnerships with other groups) that can be used to support the science drivers and/or extend ship capabilities in support of the science drivers.
• Note any gaps between the science drivers and the portfolio of capabilities, and discuss how NSF might address them.
A community workshop focused on gathering input on the tasks above will be held toward the beginning of this study and will assist the committee in its information-gathering. It will also provide the Office of Polar Programs with community perspectives that can be used to inform the design of the proposed Antarctic Research Vessel and the portfolio of technologies that expand capability beyond ship-based assets.
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