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The Role of Wave-sea Ice Floe Interactions in Recent Antarctic Sea Ice Change
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Wave-sea ice interaciions
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Sea-ice coverage surrounding Antarctica has expanded during the era of satellite observations, in contrast to rapidly shrinking Arctic sea ice. Most climate models predict Antarctic sea ice loss, rather than growth, indicating that there is much to learn about Antarctic sea ice in terms of its natural variability, processes and interactions affecting annual growth and retreat, and the impact of atmospheric factors such increasing greenhouse gases and stratospheric ozone depletion. This project is designed to improve model simulations of sea ice and examine the role of wind and wave forcing on changes in sea ice around Antarctica.

This project seeks to explain basic interactions of the coupled atmosphere, ocean, and ice dynamics in the Antarctic climate system, especially in the region near the sea ice edge. The summer evolution of sea ice cover and the near surface heat exchange of atmosphere and ocean depend on the geometric distribution of floes and the open water surrounding them. The distribution of floes has the greatest impact on the sea ice state in the marginal seas, where the distribution itself can vary rapidly. This project would develop and implement a model of sea ice floes in the Los Alamos sea ice model, known as CICE5. This sea ice component would be coupled to the third generation WaveWatch model within the Community Climate System Model Version 2. The coupled model would be used to study sea ice-wave interactions and the role of modeling sea ice floes in the Antarctic. The broader impacts of this project include outreach, support of female scientists, and improvement of the sea-ice codes in widely used climate models.
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Bitz, Cecilia Investigator and contact
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 1643431
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