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OPP-PRF: High-resolution Nested Antarctic Ice Sheet Modeling to Reconcile Marine and Terrestrial Geologic Data
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Nested Antarctic ice sheet modeling to reconcile geologic data
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This project combines numerical simulations and geologic data to explore fundamental knowledge gaps regarding the interpretation and use of marine and terrestrial datasets. This work will produce an ensemble of continent-wide coupled ice sheet and glacial isostatic adjustment simulations, constrained with comprehensive existing geologic data, to reproduce a history of deglacial Antarctic Ice Sheet evolution that is compatible with the geologic record as well as glaciologically and gravitationally self-consistent. Comparison between simulations and data is improved through high-resolution nested ice sheet modeling techniques, which provide unprecedented context for exposure age data generally located in regions of complex topography. Numerical simulations will be performed with systematically varied parameters and boundary conditions, and can thus support an investigation of (1) chronological mismatches between terrestrial thinning and marine ice sheet retreat during the mid-Holocene, and (2) how marine grounding-line dynamics are propagated upstream to coastal outlet glaciers and further interior under a variety of different scenarios.
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Halberstadt, Anna Ruth Investigator and contact
Post Doc/Travel Award # 2138556
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  1. Halberstadt, A. R. W., Balco, G., Buchband, H., & Spector, P. (2022). Cosmogenic-nuclide data from Antarctic nunataks can constrain past ice sheet sensitivity to marine ice margin instabilities. (doi:10.5194/tc-2022-213)
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