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Collaborative Research: Phase 2 Development of A Rapid Access Ice Drilling (RAID) Platform for Research in Antarctica
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RAID construction & field testing
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The PIs have designed and built a new type of rapid access ice drill (RAID) for use in Antarctica. This community tool has the ability to rapidly drill through ice up to 3300 m thick and then collect samples of the ice, ice-sheet bed interface, and bedrock substrate below. This drilling technology will provide a new way to obtain in situ measurements and samples for interdisciplinary studies in geology, glaciology, paleoclimatology, microbiology, and astrophysics. The RAID drilling platform will give the scientific community access to records of geologic and climatic change on a variety of timescales, from the billion-year rock record to million-year ice and climate histories. Development of this platform will enable scientists to address critical questions about the deep interface between the Antarctic ice sheets and the substrate below. Phase I was for design and work with the research community to develop detailed science requirements for the drill. This proposal, Phase II, constructed, assembled and tested the RAID drilling platform at a site near McMurdo (Minna Bluff) where 700-m thick ice sits on bedrock.
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Ng, Jessica Other
Severinghaus, Jeffrey P. Investigator and contact
Antarctic Instrumentation and Support Award # 1419979
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