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Collaborative Research: Borehole Logging to Classify Volcanic Signatures in Antarctic Ice
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Automated c-axis (ALPACA) images of previously-studied WDC-06A thin sections
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WAIS Divide Ice Core
This dataset comprises new photographs and measurements of a WAIS Divide vertical thin section, WDC-06A 420 VTS, previously prepared and measured by J. Fitzpatrick, D. E. Voigt, and R. Alley (dataset DOI: 10.7265/N5W093VM; as part of a larger study of the WAIS Divide ice core (Fitzpatrick, J. et al, 2014, Physical properties of the WAIS Divide ice core, Journal of Glaciology, 60, 224, 1181-1198. (doi:10.3189/2014JoG14J100). These images were taken as a design test of our new automated lightweight c-axis analyzer, dubbed ALPACA, which implements the ice fabric analysis functionality of the Wilen system used by Fitzpatrick et al. in an easily-portable, field-deployable form factor.
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Talghader, Joseph Investigator and contact
Mah, Merlin Researcher
Antarctic Instrumentation and Facilities Award # 1643864
Antarctic Instrumentation and Support Award # 1643864
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1 (processed data)
  1. M. L. Mah, W. S. Chan, D. A. Hultman, J. J. Fitzpatrick, D. E. Voigt, and J. J. Talghader, “Compact field-deployable automated c-axis analyzer for ice thin sections,” submitted to J. Glaciol, 2020. Preprint available at ESSOAr. (doi:10.1002/essoar.10502183.1)
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