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U.S. SO GLOBEC Synthesis and Modeling: Southern Ocean GLOBEC (SO GLOBEC) Planning Office
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The objective of the proposed work is to provide for the operation of a Planning Office for the synthesis and modeling phase of the Southern Ocean Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics (SO-Globec) program. The office will ensure that synthesis and integration activities that are developed as part of SO-Globec are coordinated with those undertaken by the international and U.S. Globec programs through: 1) organization of special sessions at meetings, 2) preparation of dedicated publications focused on program results, 3) maintenance of a project web site, 4) development of program outreach efforts, and 5) ensuring coordination with International Globec and other national and international programs and organizations. The office will consist of one faculty member and one program specialist.

SO-Globec is a multidisciplinary effort focused on understanding the physical and biological factors that influence growth, reproduction, recruitment and survival of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba). The program uses a multi-trophic level approach that includes the predators and competitors of Antarctic krill, represented by other zooplankton, fish, penguins, seals, and cetaceans. Extensive studies describing the ecology and physiology of important species at all trophic levels contributed to the ecosystem approach which is the essence of SO-Globec. The Planning Office will provide a central focal point for ensuring that the results from SO-Globec are made available to the broader scientific community and to the general public, and that the results will be incorporated into the planning of future Southern Ocean programs.
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Hofmann, Eileen Investigator
Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Award # 0523166
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NBP0103 ship expedition
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