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Digital Bathymetry Database for the U.S. Southern Ocean GLOBEC Program
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This project will complete construction of a high-quality digital bathymetry database for the Southern Ocean component of the Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics GLOBEC) program. Existing along-track and swath bathymetry data collected in Marguerite Bay and in the West Antarctic Peninsula shelf study, have been assembled and merged with new SeaBeam and along-track data collected during cruises of the research vessels R/V Palmer and R/V Gould in 2001 and 2002. New bathymetry data has also been obtained from other US, British, and Russian sources to extend the program database. Once the final R/V Palmer and R/V Gould cruises are completed and other data added, the program database will be closed, edited, documented and made publicly available for use by international GLOBEC investigators and by the broader geophysics community. These results will be developed in conjunction with, and will become part of a planned circum-antarctic high resolution bathymetry database.
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Beardsley, Robert Investigator
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 0234163
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NBP0103 ship expedition
NBP0104 ship expedition
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None in the Database
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Not provided
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R2R Expedition data of NBP0103 None exists
R2R Expedition data of NBP0104 None exists
R2R Expedition data of NBP0104 None exists
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