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Collaborative Research: WinDSSOcK: Winter Distribution and Success of Southern Ocean Krill
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This project is a contribution to a coordinated attempt to understand the interactions of biological and physical dynamics by developing relationships among the evolution of the antarctic winter ice and snow cover, biological habitat variability, and the seasonal progression of marine ecological processes. The work will be carried out in the context of the Southern Ocean Experiment of the Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics Study (Globec), a large, multi-investigator study of the winter survival strategy of krill under the antarctic sea ice in the vicinity of Marguerite Bay on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The objective of this project is to make a quantitative assessment of the small scale temperature and salinity structure of the oceanic surface layer in order to study the effect of stratification and turbulence on the biochemical and biological processes under the winter sea ice.

The water masses on the continental shelf off Marguerite Bay consist of inflowing Upper Circumpolar Deep Water, which is relatively warm, salty, oxygen-poor, and nutrient-rich. In winter atmospheric processes cool and freshen this water, and recharge it with oxygen to produce Antarctic Surface Water which is diffused seaward, and supports both a sea ice cover and a productive krill-based food web. The modification processes work through mixing associated with shear instabilities of the internal wave field, double diffusion of salt and heat, and mixing driven by surface stress and convection. These processes will be quantified with two microstructure profilers, capable of resolving the small but crucial vertical variations that drive these processes.
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Powell, Thomas Investigator
Antarctic Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Award # 9910093
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NBP0104 ship expedition
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