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Argon and nitrogen isotope measurements in the Vostok ice core as aconstraint on phasing of CO2 and temperature changes
This award supports the continued measurements of gas isotopes in the Vostok ice core, from Antarctica. One objective is to identify the phasing of carbon dioxide variations and temperature variations, which may place constraints on hypothesized cause and effect relationships. Identification of phasing has in the past been hampered by the large and uncertain age difference between the gases trapped in air bubbles and the surrounding ice. This work will circumvent this issue by employing an indicator of temperature in the gas phase. It is argued that 40Ar/39Ar behaves as a qualitative indicator of temperature, via an indirect relationship between temperature, accumulation rate, firn thickness, and gravitational fractionation of the gas isotopes. The proposed research will make nitrogen and argon isotope measurements on ~ 200 samples of ice covering Termination II (130,000 yr B.P.) and Termination IV (340,000 yr BP). The broader impacts may include a better understanding of the role of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in climate change.
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Severinghaus, Jeffrey P. Investigator
Antarctic Glaciology Award # 0125468
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