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Integrated Biostratigraphy and High Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy of the Ross Sea: Implications for Cenozoic Eustatic and Climatic Change
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This award supports an integrated seismic, sedimentologic, and paleontologic investigation of glacio-marine stratigraphy of the Ross Sea continental shelf. The purpose of this work is to acquire seismic images and sediment cores of the glacial sediments toward a better understanding of the Cenozoic history of glaciation in the Ross Sea region. This investigation will utilize high resolution seismic profiling data to locate regions where the Pleistocene glacial till is thin or perhaps absent. Piston coring at these locations, if the till is penetrated, will provide sedimentary records of Cenozoic depositional environments and could provide important clues to fluctuations of the Antarctic Ice Sheets. The seismic profiling will provide a direct record of the grounding history of the Ross Ice Shelf during the Pleistocene and it will also allow first order correlations of Cenozoic sedimentary units that are represented by sediments recovered in the piston cores. This work will provide important proxy records of the history of both the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and this, in turn, will provide important constraints to climate models.
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Bartek, Louis Investigator
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 9220848
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