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Undergraduate Research Initiative: Antarctic Marine Geology and Geophysics
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9418153 This award supports a program aimed at providing research experiences to a broad range of undergraduate students. The program sill allow for active participation by undergraduate students in ongoing marine geologic research in Antarctica. Students will be recruited from institutions across the United States and will participate in a preparatory seminar on Antarctic science prior to the field season. This program will integrate undergraduate participation with existing marine geology and geophysics projects aboard either of the two United States Antarctic Program research vessels, the RV Polar Duke and the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer. Research topics will be related to the stratigraphy and/or evolution of the Antarctic continental margin, topics of increasing importance to both Antarctic and global geology. Students will have a full year following their field experience to conduct follow-up research via a senior thesis. This program is intended to provide better educational experiences to promising undergraduate students and to stimulate those students to pursue advanced degrees in geology and geophysics. ***
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Domack, Eugene Walter Investigator
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 9418153
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