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New Paleomagnetic and Environmental Magnetic Studies of Old Cores from the Ross Sea Sector, Antarctica

This project performs a paleomagnetic survey of sediment cores from Antarctica's continental margin. Its goal is to refine the magnetostratigraphy to improve regional stratigraphic correlations, help date cores that lack biostratigraphic indicators, and understand paleoenvironmental conditions and climate change. As well, these cores record the earth's magnetic field near the magnetic pole, which may offer important information to scientists modeling the geodynamo.

The broader impacts of this work include postdoctoral and undergraduate education. There are also implications for society's understanding of global climate change, since these techniques offer a different perspective on climate change from Antarctic marine sediment cores, which are critical to understanding the behavior of the ice sheets and their links to the global climate.
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Verosub, Kenneth Investigator and contact
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 0636974
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