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Geomorphic investigations of Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
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The PIs propose a two-year project to map the distribution of climate-sensitive landforms throughout Northern Victoria Land between the Convoy Range and Cape Adare. This work will produce geospatial products to aid their geomorphic work on ice sheet stability and landscape evolution. Specifically, the PI will investigate the potential for extensive surface melting and ice-sheet retreat with modest warming in areas north of the Convoy Range in Northern Victoria Land. The hypothesis is that if key landform elements of the Dry Valleys assemblage are lacking in NVL it suggests a major variation in current climate conditions, and perhaps changes in climate evolution. The proposed work will also benefit the broader research community, as it will demonstrate the potential for using geospatial imagery in geomorphic research and produce geospatial products that can be used by other researchers.

Broader impacts:
This work will help the research community better leverage the investment being made in the Polar Geospatial Center (PGC) and will help further demonstrate the significance of satellite imagery for doing ?virtual? field work in the Polar regions. More effective use of satellite imagery by field scientists in Antarctica will help reduce the logistical footprint on the Continent. The proposed research will support one graduate student at Boston University who will be trained in image analysis, map production, Antarctic geomorphology, and geospatial technologies. The proposed work will help to forge stronger links between PGC and Boston University?s Digital Image Analyses Lab (DIAL).
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Marchant, David Investigator
Antarctic Earth Sciences Award # 1144224
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